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Pop Up Furniture, Homestaging With Faux Furnishings

Home buyers need to see exactly how much space there is in their dream home, and how liveable it will be. That’s almost impossible when standing in a house devoid of furniture: an empty room, no matter how nice, is still an empty room. Continue reading Pop Up Furniture, Homestaging With Faux Furnishings

Selling a Home with Pets

If I dare bring a suitcase into the house, my dog knows something is up and will start to behave badly.

If packing for a weekend trip to Santo Domingo gets my dog in a tizzy, not to mention the parade of strangers stopping by all the time.  Her puppy world would be in a tailspin for sure.

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Bright Whites!

One of the most asked questions we receive is how to work a small space. Box rooms and cramped kitchens can be difficult to live with, but fortunately there are some simple and inexpensive tricks we can use to really get the best out of a room, no matter how compact.

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