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Here’s an important life lesson: no matter how tough you think your life is there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are even tougher than yours.

It goes in many different directions- not only basic things like making money, getting food, or having a place to sleep, but also the possibility of taking part in some entrepreneurial projects or getting proper education.

Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial–and not just for the recipients. Feeling good about yourself for doing something for others is good for your physical health. Studies have shown a relationship between volunteering and increased self-esteem, with volunteers reporting both greater personal empowerment and better health. Doing for others may stimulate the release of endorphins, which has been linked to improved nervous and immune system functions, too. Many people report a “high” from volunteering, similar to the good feelings that come from exercise.

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GivingBack To The Community With GiveBack Homes

Having a business in real estate brings satisfaction in many ways. When I find my clients their perfect match I can leave work at the end of the day happy that I have helped someone make their dreams of owning a home in the Caribbean a reality. As a REALTOR® I also feel a huge responsibility and every transaction I make is also an opportunity to make the area we live and work better, as our client’s investment brings more possibilities and also more money to the local area and the people living in it. Continue reading GivingBack To The Community With GiveBack Homes

5 Things I did Right in Punta Cana

I must have done something right in my ten years here, right? I must have made some good decisions. Well, I wouldn’t have fallen so in love with living in the Caribbean if I hadn’t had some good times. And there have been LOTS of good times.

So these are the things I’m proud of. Continue reading 5 Things I did Right in Punta Cana

Donations for the Kids at Villa Caoba

Glen & Dee have been coming to Punta Cana for a few years now. This time they have brought in some pretty nice clothing donations for the kids, I brought in some dolls donated by a client of mine- and we had a pretty cool party! Continue reading Donations for the Kids at Villa Caoba