The Ways I Handle a Competitor Who’s Trying to Bring Me and my Real Estate Business Down in Punta Cana

If your competition isn’t playing nice, (and most of us in business in Punta Cana are used to this) you don’t have to lie down and take it. Here are some ways to fight back when the going gets tough.

If you are in Real Estate or Tourism in Punta Cana, then you’ve got competition. That’s because virtually every business is related one way or another with these two popular sectors in Punta Cana- being unregulated businesses, it attracts the likes of all looking to make a quick buck without the necessary background and /or education. While it may be intimidating, it’s the nature of the beast. You and your competitors are all trying to get a piece of the same pie. Some just do not have the know-how to do so in a professional manner.

Most of the time, your friendly competition is just that- friendly. But every now and then, your competition can be downright scary, because sometimes a nemesis can go after for you for what feels like personal reasons. For instance, in my case, a real estate competitor continuously badmouths us to clients and colleagues in an attempt to take our listings (he rarely succeeds) . His constant bashing of our new projects and even charitable community efforts, as well has his unethical behavior in real estate are all but short of what a real estate agent should be focusing on. We all know what the meaning of this behavior is, jealousy- but this particular blog is about the actual ways we have been able to handle it in a professional and civil manner to our benefit.

So what do you do when a competitor is playing dirty? While there’s no one right answer, and each situation is different, here are some guidelines that have worked well for me in the recent past;

React Quickly.
If a competitor is coming after you, you need to determine how much of a threat they are, fast. The Punta Cana Real Estate market is a brutal marketplace and much more competitive than ever before.

You need to react quickly if you’re competing with factors like time, since many of our buyers come in for short amounts of time in order to make a decision and purchase. You need to focus on what they came to do, which is to list or buy a property.

Don’t Take Anything Personally
Your competitor may come after you for personal reasons, but the moment you respond to their actions in a personal way, you lose sight of the fact that you’re running a company. It’s not productive, and more often than not, whatever is going on isn’t about you, it’s about their personal issues and their company.

Remain Professional
This is a critical step, especially if a rivalry becomes public. Because of the small town aspect of the area, gossip is spread quickly. Like every small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business and secrets run rampant.

It may be best to let the other side throw what they can at you while you rise above the situation and stay professional, and eventually they implode.

Throughout the past months, I have been approached by north American buyers questioning the lack of ethics from this particular bashing Agent. I reply, that I cannot comment on that, but I would be happy to spend their valuable time educating them on the buying process and showing them titled properties. I let them know I value their time. We do not need to continue wasting their time with local drama.

In my business, I see things get ugly, and my whole philosophy is that you don’t need to be in the mud- you can be above it all. Fortunately, that strategy has worked for me. Clients usually buy from us and list with us, as they see we are focused on business.

For more information about how I can help you buy or sell your Punta Cana property, contact me at (809) 552-0421 or email me at

Jocelyn Hernandez Irizarry has been selling Punta Cana Real Estate with Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate since 2004.


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