Realtor® Code of Ethics vs. Facebook Terms Of Service

What do the Realtor® Code of Ethics and the Facebook Terms of Service have in common?

->People agree to them both, but they very rarely read either one.

Let’s face it, how many times have you signed up for something especially here online and quickly scrolled through the ‘Terms of Agreement,’ and simply checked the box at the end??

We are all guilty of this! We have better things to do. We can’t be bothered by such trivial matters!

I wonder if we view the Realtor® Code of Ethics in the same light?

When we became members of Realtor®, did we simply check a box stating that we agree to the Realtor® Code of Ethics, and promise to abide by its aspirational ideals, and then move on to more important, pressing issues?

How many real estate professionals have ever taken the time to actually read through the Preamble and the entire Realtor® Code of Ethics?

We operate under the assumption that we know the Realtor® Code of Ethics, but we don’t. We know of them, but we don’t understand them, or how they apply in practical, everyday practice.

Is it any wonder why our industry has such a dismal reputation?

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Paola Gil Fernandez has been selling Punta Cana Real Estate with Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate since 2004.

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