Burning Out Under The Burning Sun

Burning Out Under The Burning Sun

“Burnout in Punta Cana?!? Impossible!”

That’s probably what most people think. After all, living in a slice of tropical paradise with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters sounds about as relaxing as can be.

You’d be surprised, however, at how many people suffer from stress. Here are three types of people who move to Punta Cana and who struggle to adapt to life in the Dominican Republic:

The Worker

Making a living in Punta Cana is harder than it looks. While there is plenty of employment in the tourist and hospitality industries, many foreigners working for local companies find it difficult to adapt to the island way of doing things – cultural and language barriers, heavy work-loads and a different work ethic to what they’re used to can put tremendous pressure on the newcomer.

The Businessperson

It’s the oldest story in Punta Cana: you have the best vacation you’ve ever had in the most beautiful place, and you think ‘The pace here is so much more relaxed than at home, and the weather is ten times better: I could move here and set up a business, maybe work as a tour guide or open a bar.’ Problem is, many would-be expat entrepreneurs don’t do their homework before taking the plunge, and find themselves running around as they struggle with things like tax and financial laws, employee contracts, zoning problems, and slow business during the off season.

The Retiree

There are only so many games of golf you can play. Initial excitement at the thought of living out your golden years under sunny skies can quickly turn to disappointment for many who get stuck in a routine of dinner, drinks and golf, and finding someone new to talk to. They get in a rut and don’t feel challenged. “Bored out” is just as bad as burnout.

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