Move to Punta Cana. Live That Caribbean Lifestyle!

When you think of paradise, what springs to mind? A white sandy beach, glistening turquoise sea gently lapping at the shore, swaying palm trees, for starters.

It’s no surprise, then, that Punta Cana appeals to many when they are looking to take the leap to living abroad. And with an easy residency process, it provides an accessible way for people to relocate abroad and invest in the local economy at the same time.

So, what can you expect from the Punta Cana lifestyle? And what does the process entail?

A Slow Pace of Life

While the Caribbean does cater to residents from across the world, you can expect a slower pace of life. An environment that is often laidback, the infrastructure has certainly improved however, with services like EPS and BM Cargo, you are often never short of essential items.

 A Diverse Culture 

A diverse culture awaits you in this part of the world. Thriving and close-knit local communities are found among the island in the Caribbean; each with their own way of life and local language. It’s likely that everyone will know one another; if you’ve never lived in a small town or village before, then you’ll need to get used to everyone knowing everything about you.

Home Away from Home

Whereas previously Punta Cana was a popular vacation destination many of us dreamed to call home, as our world becomes increasingly global, you’re likely to find people from all over the world residing in the area. The amenities now are much like a home away from home for many residents, as the island caters far better to expats than they previously did.

Caribbean Diet

The Caribbean diet is a relatively healthy one to follow and fulfills many of the balanced nutrition guidelines. It’s rich in seafood, fruits and vegetables and lean protein while being low in refined grains, sugar and salt. Adopting a low-fat, low-calorie version of the Caribbean diet may help lower your risk of chronic medical problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Outdoor Activities

With sunshine in abundance most of the year, the climate lends itself well to an outdoors lifestyle. The Dominican Republic is full of natural wonders for you to discover. Relaxing on the beach, water sports, Jet skis, parasailing and surfing are popular activities.

Social Life

If you enjoy a social life then the Caribbean is the place for you. You can expect dinner parties and gatherings to be a plenty. And with music, food and drinks all on offer at festivals throughout the year, you’ll never be short of a party to find. And then there’s the rum, of course.

If all of this sounds like a life you’d like to lead, then here’s how you can make the Caribbean dream a reality. Contact me today for our sales and rental needs.

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