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GivingBack To The Community With GiveBack Homes

Having a business in real estate brings satisfaction in many ways. When I find my clients their perfect match I can leave work at the end of the day happy that I have helped someone make their dreams of owning a home in the Caribbean a reality. As a REALTOR® I also feel a huge responsibility and every transaction I make is also an opportunity to make the area we live and work better, as our client’s investment brings more possibilities and also more money to the local area and the people living in it.

When I found out about the GiveBack Homes initiative, I saw a great scheme that helps real estate agents use their business and the homes they sell, to help others who could only imagine being able to enter the office of an agent, let alone purchase their own home.

GiveBack Homes was established in 2013, by Blake Andrews, who saw a chance for Real Estate Agents to connect to families in need of safe homes, particularly in the USA, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Haiti. GiveBack Homes provides a portal in which agents can contribute financially and also by volunteering their time at local and international Build Trips. They also help agents to organize fundraisers and community events to spread the word about the fantastic work they do.

As the first member in the Dominican Republic I am proud to represent not just the properties I list, but also the GiveBack Homes initiative to my clients, and the response has been amazing. So next time you think about buying a home, why not check to see if your agent is part of GiveBack Homes, and with your purchase, you too can help those in need to find their dream home. Current projects can be viewed on the GiveBack Homes website where you can also check out my profile,

For more information about life in Punta Cana, contact me at (809) 552-0421 or email me at

Jocelyn Hernandez Irizarry has been selling Punta Cana Real Estate with Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate since 2004.


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