pop up furnishings

Pop Up Furniture, Homestaging With Faux Furnishings

Home buyers need to see exactly how much space there is in their dream home, and how liveable it will be. That’s almost impossible when standing in a house devoid of furniture: an empty room, no matter how nice, is still an empty room.

For many years realtors and staging professionals have rented furnishings to stage homes for viewings, allowing the seller to show off the home at its best, filled with stylish furniture, trendy decor, and tasteful prints and paintings. Renting furniture, however, is a costly and sometimes impractical solution to a staging problem. More and more, realtors are turning to a new, inexpensive option: faux furniture.

As its name suggests, faux furniture looks like the real thing, but you really shouldn’t sit on it. Pop-up staging furnishings are made of plastic or corrugated cardboard. They’re light and easy to set up and disassemble, allowing real estate agents to quickly get a home ready for viewing.

Companies such as inFormed Space and Dandy Pack offer collapsible, portable furniture at reasonable prices (beds, for example, are available from $250.) “I love conventional staging; it always looks lovely,” says Douglas Pinter, who owns inFormed Space. “But it’s very expensive to execute, because of logistical costs.”

One recent homeowner used inFormed Space to stage her empty New York apartment. “It does what I wanted it to do, which is to show how much space you actually have for a living room, dining area, desk and bed,” she says. “It’s very hard to visualize that, if there isn’t furniture in the apartment, especially in a studio.”

The relatively small investment worked: the apartment sold for above its listing price.

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