Moving With Dogs to Punta Cana – Infographic

Are you a dog owner who is looking for a new crib or will be moving to a new place soon in Punta Cana? Unfortunately, your moving experience is about to become a few times more complicated as you would need to figure out a way to move your furry friends as well. In the following infographic created by Moving FC, you can learn the basics of moving your dogs before, during, and after the move.

moving-with-dogs-infographic (1)

Before the Move

Research is an important step before the actual move takes place. For example, you need to make sure the new home you are moving to is pet-friendly. For some buildings, the landlord or building management may only permit dogs below a specific size. Other places may require you to provide your pets information first before they are allowed in. Make sure you do your due diligence and ensure there wouldn’t be any problems of having your pets in the building. Another important step is to also keep tabs of local and national regulations. When you are moving in between cities or even when you are moving out of the country, one important document to have is your dog’s health certificate. This provides proof that your pet doesn’t have any transferable diseases and sickness.

During the Move

When the move is taking place, there are many common reasons for your pet to get stressed out. Whether that is due to being in a totally new environment or because you are no longer following the daily schedule there are several steps that can be taken by the owner to reduce their dog’s stress level. For example, while your home belongings are being moved out, the dog owner should either keep the dog in a safe and secure room or keep them at a pet-friendly hotel or kennel.

After the Move

Once you have settled into your new place, make sure you give your dog more than enough time to adjust to his/her new environment. Patience is key after the move takes place. You might want to start off introducing the new place one room at a time. Otherwise, your dog may start to feel overwhelmed, especially if you are moving to a bigger home. You should also visit the new vet and see if there are any issues that your pet may be having due to the move.

As a responsible dog owner, taking these steps make the big move less stressful for the dogs. When you are looking for new homes in Punta Cana, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to real estate agents. They have the expertise and knowledge to help you secure a dog-friendly home in the area.

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