punta cana expat complaints

Why Do Punta Cana Expats Complain So Much?

I find it curious that so many people here seem to make a habit of bashing Dominican culture and even Dominican people in general, expressing negative views about almost all aspect of Dominican society and life in the island.

It makes no sense for an expat to move to a warm, cheap country, with far fewer resources and standard of living, and then spend their days complaining about how backwards things are.

I would expect an expat to harbor some positive feelings towards the country he has chosen to relocate to- after all, unlike native Dominicans, the expat has made a deliberate effort to move here, picking this particular country over any other destination on the planet, and in many cases sacrificing a lot to achieve the ultimate goal of living in the Caribbean.

Why spread that negativity so far and wide, so aggressively?

It’s really none of my business to tell people how to spend their days; I think everyone likes to whine about things among friends at some point. But it would be nice if expats would remind themselves at times that they moved to the Dominican Republic by choice and are staying by choice, so most people probably don’t have much sympathy.

You are guests, you can leave anytime.

One thought on “Why Do Punta Cana Expats Complain So Much?”

  1. I think people make the plunge to a new place without realizing the commitment they are making. Kind of the same thing with marriage these days which is how the divorce rate in the States is so high. Its luxury vs survival. Some expats come from a luxury like state of living and then move to a country where things aren’t going to be on the same par and they didn’t take that into account and weren’t mentally prepared for it.

    I’m not an expat, but I understand the thought process.


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