5 Key Facts Expats Should know about Living in Punta Cana

If you’ve made the move to Punta Cana or you’re still looking for more information on what living in Punta Cana is like, here are some key facts that will help make your stay much more fun.

Punta Cana (Dominican Time) time is different. You’ll find out that when people that are living in Punta Cana say “Right now” it does not actually mean right now, it means sometime later. If you send out an invitation for dinner at 6 pm, you can expect people to start showing up between 6:30 – 7 pm. As funny as it sounds, we really are on “island time.” Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy the laid back lifestyle.

You can legally open a business. Unless you want t work long hours are a hotel, you have the option of opening up a business. The process is fairly straight forward but does require persistence, patience (refer to #1) and some money. It involves getting a reputable lawyer and a competent accountant.

You might find our internet slower.  (I’m writing this after a half day argument with the internet provider today) Asides from Slow, it is more expensive than what you’re used to, but it’s perfect for unwinding. But you take a look at that breathtaking ocean or splash in the sea- and it’s o.k. because that’s why you’re planning on living in the Caribbean, isn’t it?

Public transportation is a little funky. That’s o.k., it makes for a good adventure.

Stay here for an extended period of time before moving. Vacationing and living in Punta Cana are two very different things. If you’re at liberty to do so, plan to come and stay for an extended time as a trial. Volunteer within the community and get involved. This extended time will also give you the opportunity to explore and truly get to experience of what it’s really like to be living in Punta Cana.

The point is, Punta Cana is different. Many people choose to retire here and love their new home but do realize that, like anywhere else, it’s not perfect. It’s different. If you are aware of these facts and you bring an open mind, it will be easier to adapt, assimilate, and enjoy.

Not everything that is different has to be scary, in fact, it might just very well be what you were looking for!


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