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Selling a Home with Pets

If I dare bring a suitcase into the house, my dog knows something is up and will start to behave badly.

If packing for a weekend trip to Santo Domingo gets my dog in a tizzy, not to mention the parade of strangers stopping by all the time.  Her puppy world would be in a tailspin for sure.

When a house is for sale, it’s important to take steps to make the process a bit easier on the furry members of the family.  Here are a few strategies I’ve seen work well;

  • Names:  Let guests know pets are part of the family and what their names are.  Pets seem to be reassured when the people entering the house are calling them by name.  It also helps if you have a door darter and the Realtor has to catch the dog or cat.
  • Contain:  If pets can be kenneled or corralled into one room, that’s the best scenario.  Popular locations are maid rooms or laundry rooms.  I think placing a baby gate in the doorway is better than closing the door.  This allows the dog to see what’s going on and the potential buyer can get a look at the room.  If the laundry room is a pass through into the maid’s room- as is usually the case here in Punta Cana, a bathroom would be better.  Buyers like to see all parts of the home.
  • Clean:  Most folks have pets and expect that others do too.  However, they don’t want to see carpet stains, pet hair, or paw prints on the floor.

If your dog is particularly sensitive to change or strangers entering the home like my little Chihuahua, you might consider a doggie daycare- there are several in the area.  We’ve used the daycares in the area and were very happy.  I think the dogs were too!

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One thought on “Selling a Home with Pets”

  1. Some great tips there. I definitely think that sharing your pets names with your viewers is a good tip, if makes the pet seem more tam and less threatening or intimidating, which could help if the viewer is a bit wary of dogs. Your little chihuahua is very cute as well.


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