Move to Punta Cana Glamour

My Expat Life Is Glamorous

It is!

It is foreign travel and beautiful photo opportunities.

It is personally knowing friends that hail from more than 50 different countries.

It is volunteer opportunities where you can either teach English to children.

It is a new group of amazing friends every three years (on average), an ever-widening circle of phenomenal people to meet up with in the future.

It is managing finances from different time zones and currencies.

It is about missing special days because of forgetting to change your time zone on your phone.

It is about finding fellow expats who travel just as much.

It is invigorating, addicting and satisfying.

It is lonely, sad and exhausting.

1.  full of glamour; charmingly, fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious/magical way. 2. full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity.

If you use only the above definition, my life IS glamorous (yet not extravagant or exorbitant).

It is worth it.  It IS glamorous.

2 thoughts on “My Expat Life Is Glamorous”

  1. Your life definitely is glamorous!! I can understand about it being sad, lonely and exhausting, who who’s life isn’t, right?! We are all there! To it sounds like you probably do more in one day than a lot of people do in a week. Keep up your great work!!


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