Punta Cana real estate photography

Why hire a professional photographer for your Punta Cana listing?

There are many things that real estate agents can agree upon, and one of these is that most people are finding their new homes via the Internet.  The online presence is probably the most important aspect of real estate today, especially for foreign buyers who are looking at your Punta Cana property from miles away.  People look at Punta Cana properties basing their opinions on the text and pictures they see.

A professional photographer knows how to make something ordinary look spectacular.  They understand how the angle of the photo can make a space appear bigger than it really is, and have the equipment needed to create stunning, high-definition images.  They have a good understanding of how the sizes and colors of objects impact a photograph.

Low quality listing photos of your Punta Cana property is a poor reflection of your home’s value.  I have included some reference information to help you make your own, informed decision about the most important aspect of real estate marketing, Professional Photography.

Take a look at these references;

  • 90% of potential buyers are looking at listings online before physically visiting a property. (National Association of REALTORS®
  • 88% of those buyers want to see professional quality photos with each listing. (National Association of REALTORS®
  • Overall, when viewing an online real-estate listing, home buyers spend about 60% of their time on photos, 20% on the property description and 20% on the real-estate agents’ remarks section. (The Wall Street Journal)

My goal as a Punta Cana Real Estate Agent is to enhance the marketability of your property by providing listing photos that show your home’s true beauty and value.  In this age of online research and shopping, professional quality photos help your property stand out in the crowded real estate market.

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3 thoughts on “Why hire a professional photographer for your Punta Cana listing?”

  1. I’m sure this happens a lot to people! It’s nice to see that not everyone is after that commission for selling that house and actually cares about wether people will regret their discussion or not.


  2. I’ve never given this much thought before, but it makes perfectly good sense. The photos are the first impressions, and first impressions are always lasting impressions – if the photos aren’t visually appealing, then less people will enquire. Great post!


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