Scandals in Paradise

Gossip. I had no idea this was the most popular form of entertainment among the local resident expats here in Punta Cana before I made the move, although I suppose I should have had an idea since I am fully aware of how small-town gossip works. I didn’t realize it immediately, most likely because I was too busy trying to get my business up and running. Once the business took off, the floodgates crashed open and we were quickly thrown into the scandalous gossip headlines, updated and re-told daily.

The Punta Cana expat community is small and many have little to talk about, it is a place where people like to offload their gripes about Dominican living and can be depressing for those who are still in love with the place and the idea of living the Caribbean dream! In fact, take a look at some of the expat websites and forums to get an idea as to how witheringly scornful the expat community is as a whole.

If you are new and nobody really knows you, the possibilities were endless. If you spend too much time with one person you are surely sleeping with them, if they can’t figure out why you are here, you must have done something illegal in your country and are hiding out in the Dominican Republic.

Owning a successful Real Estate Agency and Local Community Magazine magnifies the gossip.  I try to maintain a small circle of ‘friends’ and avoid social settings.

It can be very hurtful to hear a rumor that is completely false going around about you, unfortunately, that is the way of life here, and it is extremely hard not to get sucked in unless you completely isolate yourself from the community. But I have learned one important thing; Everyone talks and everyone gets talked about so just remember -roll with the punches and your life will be far easier and enjoyable in this little piece of paradise.

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